Return to Training (what to expect)

Union Rangers will return to training this week (August 2nd 2020). Please be familiar with the latest protocols and procedures before attending:

  1. Please come into the Car Park no sooner than 15 minutes before the session is due to start.

  2. Please stay in your cars whilst the players train near the Pavilion, this will be the only place you park during the session.

  3. If children need to use the toilets, the session will stop whilst the players is guided to the pavillion to where the toilet to be used is based, they will go into the toilet on their own on a 1 in and 1 out basis.

  4. If the parents/guardians wish to use the same toilet they will need to use the toilet on the same basis, 1 in and 1 out.

  5. Players will need to have their own Water bottles which they alone will use, clearly marked with a Sharpie Pen or labelled with the players name on the bottle.

  6. There will be Hand Sanitising Stations at the venue and the players will be shown where to go and not to go.

  7. Please, be mindful that the sessions will be nowhere near as intense or competitive as they have been in the past and expectations regarding players fitness levels will be quite low, the idea of the sessions is to get players seeing each other again and learning to fall in love with the sport all over again.  The Session will be those recommended by the FAW as we await the return to the football we left behind in March 2020.

Union Rangers would like to thank all members of the club regarding returning to football. The response to the re registration has been incredible. Our sincerest thanks go to the way you have all attended Zooms, bought club clothing and completed the registration process during lockdown.

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