Railmens AFC was formed in 1996, which in 1997 became Union Rangers Football Club until 2019 when the club changed its name to Uni Rangers Football Club. Don Murray who was/is Secretary/Treasurer and was/is a player for the club and started the club with the absolute objective of giving football to adults only until between 1996 and 2001, from 2001 onwards we have also organised Mini, Junior, Youth and Senior football for numerous age graded teams in order give the club a period of extended longevity and to provide a pathway for those players who wish to join the club at a young age and continue playing for the club as youths and adults.


In 2019, Donald Murray explored the opportunity of having greater links with Swansea University who had previously been playing in the Swansea Senior Football League and at times against Union Rangers Football Club, Swansea University Mens Football Team were embarking on their 1st ever season in the newly formed Welsh League Championship when the talks took place.


Swansea University Mens Football Team's Commercial Manager, Nigel Hill and Director of Football, Dafydd Evans both gave permission for Union Rangers Football Club to advertise via various avenues for Uni Rangers Football Club to attract players and coaches to the club from the many students that study and live in Swansea, Club Sec, Don Murray sponsors Swansea University's Men's Team and in time the relationship between both clubs will grow with the aim being for players to come and play for Uni Rangers Football Club.


Union Rangers Football Club would not only like to develop Players and Coaches for the requirements of Union Rangers Football Club but Swansea University Mens Football and Futsal Teams. Union Rangers Football Club can be a successful football club that not only continues to win trophies and titles but also one which is able to do so whilst embracing its traditions of honesty and integrity, engaging with the wider community, conducting itself in the sporting spirit or fair-play and a socially inclusive moral code. 

The next generation of successful football clubs will be those that are able to ensure that the team, its commercial operations and, vitally, all associated with club work together for the collective goals at the club and work towards enhancing the clubs core values. As part of a much larger mission statement, the Mission Statement works with a view to working within and embracing both the FAW Strategic Plan and the National Syllabus for Football, also known as the Welsh Way.